Abel of Holly House SchH I BH
August 23, 1989 to August 11, 1999


Abel of Holly house shown doing his favorite things: Left, looking pretty and being happy, Middle, working and pleasing me, he loved to work, Right, being a gentle family member and friend.

A few selected letters in memory of Abel:


I'll never forget Abel. He did introduce me to a lot of new things to me in Rottweilers. A Breed that I have had great curiosity and disappointment with over the year. But I learned some things from Abel:

First, he showed me that being a helper can be fun when you have a dog that knows what he is doing in SchH. Do a ferocious "hold and bark" and grab that sleeve with gusto. Abel knew SchH bitework.

Second, that you can be a lap dog and pal. To look at you with great intent and curiosity. To act as if what you "told" him really meant something to him. To have a big dog be gentle as a lamb with his head near you. Abel knew how to be a lap dog.

Thirdly, I knew Abel as a proven producer. Various bloodlines, various shapes and sizes. His genotype of bone strength, head size, and deep color was marked on his get. He bred in the usual fashion as true dogs should. No artificial means, no fancy setups, no frozen specimens. Abel was a stud dog.

I learned from Abel as I have learned from no other Rottweiler. If ever I obtain a Rottweiler again, I hope to see Abel in it's eyes, it's spirit, and it's domain.

Rest in Peace My Friend,


Loren & Mary
My deepest condolences about Abel. He was always an incredible dog. My heartfelt sympathies to the two of you.

I can barely type as I can hardly see thru my tears.....Bob & I send our love and condolences to you and Mary. Abel was a WONDERFUL ambassador for our breed. We will NEVER forget Abel..especially the fun YOU had when I stood (barely) for that hold & Bark! We too, are going to miss him for a very long time; Mookie is the dog he is today, because of the stable temperament he received from his Daddy. Thank you for Mookie; he makes us PROUD to tell everyone who is Daddy is. God was kind, and took Abel the way he should have....quietly & peacefully. Now, when I look to the stars, in addition to Teri, I will see Abel ...he'll let me know where he is, just like Teri did. Now, Abel is at peace, whole again, waiting for your arrival, and again playing with his canine friends. It would not surprise me that Abel will now be your guardian angel...and keep you safe. Hopefully your Hearts will heal soon....
Randye, Bob & Mookie

Hello Loren,
I'm really sorry to hear about Able, I had a lot of good times with him too (him and Brutus were trying and or challenging to train, we both learned a lot from them). .......I will remember the good times and the bad times I had with him, and I'm trying to prepare myself for the day when Brutus (aka. Butthead) is no longer her. I feel your sorrow and lost of a family member, a companion, a partner, a four legged son who at times you would be so mad at and felt you should give up and at other times gave you the ultimate natural high and make you say that's my boy! It was an privilege and honor to know and work with him and you Loren!
Ken Gruver

I was so upset earlier..I forgot to tell you how PROUD I am to have known your wonderful boy...it was watching Abel run the blinds that really sparked my interest in SchH. He really made it look fun...and for that...among other things..(that hold & Bark will forever be ingrained in MY mind) . I thank Abel... and You..for sharing Abel with us...and ESPECIALLY, for our boy..Mookie. Alida & Mookie have been informed of their loss, and they seem to understand.. How wonderful that you put him in the Veteran's class this past GSRC Specialty.you have those memories..among others... Abel is truly a wonderful boy who will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him

Ed and I are so sorry to hear that Abel passed away! While I knew about his
cancer, I just didn't think he would leave us anytime soon. Believe me when
I say my prayers are with you both! I know Abel is much better off not
suffering and will be waiting for your both! He was a wonderful dog, a true
gentleman! Let Ed and I know if there is anything, and I truly mean ANYTHING
we can do for you two!

God Bless!
Ed, Susan, and our wonderful Abel son Keni

Comments: First Mary and I would like to thank all of the people who took time to E-mail, call and write to offer their condolences to us on the loss of Abel. It helps us to again remember all the great people we have met because of our dogs. Abel also met many people, some have lasting impressions of him like in the above letters. It is great to know that our dog helped to influence others in selecting this breed to love as we do. Our hope is that all can have a dog as special to them as Abel was to us.

The one thing we can all hope for is that when our life is gone that we can be remembered by the ones we meet along the way. Abel is one of those that is easy to remember, because he was a friend to everyone.

Here at Holly House we have been blessed with many nice dogs, some proceeded Abel to Rainbow Bridge, and some are still here, our hope is that all will be remembered as Abel will be, as a dog put on earth to teach us to love, and to give back unconditional love.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by our Tribute to Abel.

Loren and Mary

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