Quint von der Zirbelnuss

ADRK# 103116

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Father: Amadeus vom Silberpfeil Hd- ED- Akz: BH, SchH 3, IPO 3

Mother: Veri von der Flugschneise HD+/- ED-, Akz: SchH 1, BH


Breeder: Anton and Karin Spindler

Quint the day we picked him up at the airport, 1 -27-2000

One last tail shot as he struts away!


New pictures taken February 12, 2000 11 weeks old

qOne end or the other, he is still cute!!

New March 22, 2000 


New May 19,2000
Quint laying around and with his best friend Cassie.

New July 14,2000

New Sept. 5, 2001


A little tail commentary from Loren: It is really different to have a puppy with a tail. It makes it very easy to read his thoughts, when he is into something new he tucks the tail between his legs, as he gets accustomed to it the tail moves up and begins to wag, there does not seem to be the fanny wiggle, but the tail sure gets going. Like I stated above it makes it real easy to tell when he is going to the bathroom, or looking for a place to go as the nose goes down the tail goes up.

I know it is a major concern of many people that Germany does not allow tail to be docked. Many people believe that it ruins the appearance of the dog. I for one find the tail different but something I could live with. It does not change the attitude of the puppy, nor do I think it changes the structure that makes him what he is, it just gives a tail that is a signal device for the dog.

It is a shame that Germany had to change the standard to satisfy the laws of their land. But it is also a shame that I can not import a puppy from Germany, from the breeder and breeding of my choice, and keep the tail on him and compete in the American show ring on an even keel with the docked dogs.

The politics of the Government of one Country and the politics of the dog community in another force me to make a decision, one do I keep the tail on my dog, keep him as a pet, never show him and expect to win, show him in AKC and listen to the gossip and criticizim, and show him once or twice a year in a USRC show. Or do I dock his tail, cause him how much pain I do not know, just so I can please the American show people, and give up my chance to show him in USRC shows or the chance to take him back to Germany and show him if I should so choose.

In my opinion, it is a shame that the politics of either side get in the way of us enjoying our dogs, and keeping them healthy and happy, I would love to be able to keep my puppy the way I got him, I could very easily learn to live with the tail, and I find it attractive already. But so I can conform to the rules of the governing body of the dog game I want to play I will have to dock my dog, not for any other reason but so I feel I have as good a chance of winning as any other person does. Talk about dumb rules, how about this for a "DUMB REASON" to dock my puppy, "SO I HAVE AS GOOD OF A CHANCE' to win as any other person has.

We can talk about government interference all we want to, but as long as the people like me are willing to go against what we believe just to please the masses, we don't need the government to tell us what to and what not to do. WE can do as we want, and still not do things right.

UPDATE March 17, 2000: The decision is made Quint will keep his tail. 

Mary and I have learned to live with it and have decided that Quint should keep it. We will show him in USRC, and AKC even knowing we probably will not win, and if he turns out to be as pretty as we hope, our plan is to take him back to Germany for the Klub Show in 2001.


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