These Pictures of Mike von der Zirbelnuss were taken February 25, 1999. Mike, born August 30, 1997 was just 18 months old at the time. He is not only a handsome boy, he has a temperament that makes him easy to live with. He loves everyone and makes friends with all he meets.

He is in training for his BH, the obedience is almost ready and the temperament part will be no problem as he is very confident and easily accepts things. He is working on the protection part for a Schutzhund I. He is doing a great hold and bark and just this week did his first hold and bark off leash in the blind. He did not even try once to take a cheap shot. I am very pleased with Mike and his progress, and would like to thank Don Morales for the great help he is giving us in training.

Mike with his favorite toy. The Basketball

If you think you are big enough go for it.

I've still got it, come on big boy!!

Mike working on his JUMP SHOT in case he gets to play that game of basketball that Toni Spindler promised him when he was young. Mike hasn't forgot that promise either.

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