Mary's Story


Mary is the boss at Holly House, she is the reason that we have kept so many dogs. Everyone that comes here has a home for life. She loves, feeds, and cares for each and every one (including Loren) and makes sure they have everything that is needed to keep them happy.

She has whelped 3 litters at Holly House, the "A" litter of 10, the "B" litter of 4, and the "C" litter of 1. She cleaned and cared for each puppy and made sure that Nike had everything she need to keep them feed. She is also the one that makes the decision on where they go. I made 2 choices of owners, one the first owner of Abel, the lady had been a friend for lots of years, had bad luck in her personal life and returned Abel to us. He was 18 months old, weighed 49 pounds and had sores all over him, that was bad decision number 1 that Loren made. Bad decision number two was placing the single puppy, Call Me Solo of Holly House with a young man that had co-owned a puppy from the "B" litter with his father. I didn't know it was the father that did such a good job with the first puppy, but after I had to go and rescue Solo from the son I knew what Mary had tried to tell me was true.

Mary has helped me with another decision that we have made; not to breed again. We have Stud dogs and have not whelped a litter in 4 years. Mary's reason and I agree is that there is to much work, to many Rottweilers already, and to few good homes to place them in. We have been lucky to place all but 2 of our puppies in homes where they have stayed, we are afraid to chance having to find more good homes.

Mary has been married to Loren since 1974, together they raised two boys Daryl now 34 and Darin now 26, they are both married and Daryl has 2 children, Brittney almost 4 and Ryan almost 2. These 2 grandkids are part of the reason we don't have puppies, they keep Mary busy as most grandkids do.

Mary works for the Colton School District as an Instructional Aide in Special Education. She has worked there for 16 years.

She does not get involved in training or showing the dogs, her involvement is feeding and cleaning up after them. She is cheap kennel help, I feed her and she cares for the dogs. <VBG> Her other important function is to keep me from getting to upset over dog shows. She keeps reminding me that not everyone can win every show, and we are just going to have "FUN". This is hard for me to understand because I like to win, or be high in trial and sometimes get a little annoyed when it doesn't go as I think it should.

Mary Chiever
Married: To Loren in 1974
Children: 4, Mary's 2 and 2 of Loren's
Occupation: Instructional Aide
Hobbies: Rottweilers and Grandkids.

The Grandkids

Brittney and Ryan Jones

Brian and Sarah 

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