This picture shows me holding the leash on Int Ch Noris vom Grutenblick SchH III FH AD BH IPO III Gekort EzA BIS. It was taken during my visit with Mr. Gaa and Noris at their home in Petersthal Germany in October of 1996. Noris is 8 years old in this picture. If dog years are 7X human years I'm the same age as Noris.<VBG>

My main Rottweiler interest is in working. I have Titled Abel (shown above) to a SchH I and BH. I trained and trialed Jeneck's Grizzly Adam Henry for a SchH I but failed obedience. I never retrialed him because he had bad hips. He lived to be 10 1/2 and never had problems. I also trained Nike von Old Germany to earn her USRC BST but she also failed obedience in her Schutzhund one trial. As you can see there is a pattern to my training and trialing. I have "bad nerves" and screw the dogs up on trial day. I train 100 point practice dogs and 70 points or less trial dogs. Something I need to work on!! I also teach a public Obedience Class and am a training helper at Kishkakon Schutzhund Club. I show AKC conformation and have shown in USRC German Style Shows.

My first Rottie was an American Bred Sweetie. She was 5 1/2 weeks old when we brought her home and 12 1/2 years old when we lost her. She taught me a lot about love and being loved. She also led me to meet Eckart Salquist. Eckart helped me learn about German Bred Rottweilers and helped me import Nike von Old Germany (shown above with Gerhard Apel, ADRK Judge and me after passing her USRC Bred Test).

I helped Eckart with Rottweiler Performance Club and to put on the first German Style Show in Long Beach California in 1987. We worked together after that show to start USRC. Eckart's ideas and my computer work led to the USRC and our first show out of California in Orlando Florida in January of 1988.


When I was young my main goal in life was to drive Race Cars. I drove a midget for 20 years, retiring in 1980. I kept the car for 5 more years as a car owner before selling it. I have worked as a supermarket meat cutter for the past 34 years ( all with the same company). I hope to retire and work and show my dogs soon.

My goal with my dogs is to get a male puppy out of my dog Gawan vom Zimmerplatz to go along with my Gawan daughter Arwen. I would like to have a Schutzhund titled AKC Champion that I have titled myself.

Loren R. Chiever
Married: Wife Mary in 1974
Kids: 4 between us
Daryl 44 and Darin 36 are Mary's
Rick 42 and Terry 40 are mine
Daryl has given us 2 Grandkids and Rick also has 2 children
Occupation: RETIRED
Hobbies: Rottweilers and Watching Robbie Gordon race Winston Cup

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